Curated Talent for Brands.

Expert Training for Talent.

SPIRE Broadcast Talent is a personal management, training, and talent agency, focused on live broadcast, digital retail, and social platforms.

We specialize in finding and training new and existing talent to represent brands, and create experts who can move both audiences and product.

Pre-show, live, and post.

On-air, online, and on-site.

SPIRE Broadcast Talent delivers.

SPIRE's out of the box thinking and quick pivoting with my career has propelled me forward in the past year to heights I never imagined, and to accomplish this in just a few months in this industry is unbelievable. 

—  Judy Goss


The SPIRE Broadcast Talent

When you hire SPIRE talent, you are not only getting curated Hosts, Spokespeople, and Product and Lifestyle Experts, you’re getting our ongoing commitment to their success. Our team is always growing. Below are some of our skilled group of talent, each ready to represent your product and brand.

Laurent Amzallag
Kimberly Barnes
Hannah Barrens
Amy Barrickman
Becky Batten
Kristie Belliston
Jennifer Bisgard
Michele Bonacorte
Beth Caponigro
Dana Carney
Brenna Carnuccio
Michelle Carolla
Erin Caroulis
Natasha Carter
Jen Cheeseman
Stacy Chermol
Shirley Claude
Erik Coleman
Sabrina Coleman
Caitlin Collins
Jackie Cregan
Rhonda Cusumano
James DeMarco
Lauren Doral
Kate Eckman
Renai Ellison
Lauren Ettlinger
Gina Gannon
Christina Garza
Connie Giordano
Tracy Gold
Judy Goss
Alaina Hamade
Trei Johnson
Heather Jones
Jana Laurin
Victoria Lee
Ashley Meyers
Jené Luciani
Katherine Kominar
Susan Matthews
Peter McKenney
Stephanie Metkus
Lauren Nicole
Kate Michael
Annette Dominguez O'Hair
Melissa Paakh
Michelle Paisley Reed
Lisa Palmer
Stacey Pearlman
Chelsea Perez
Michele Pritchard
Carey Reilly
Denise Repko
Mikey Robins
Stephanie Rose
Natalie Ruelle
Wendi Russo
Adrienne Santoleri
Melissa Scalia
Serena Scanzillo
Lydia Smilek
Ashlie Smith
Siobhan Smith
Hannah Timm
Amy Weisenmiller
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Are you looking for a fresh face or experienced veteran to represent your brand or product?
Do you have passion, genuine energy, and can articulate why you love a product?

We Are Industry Experts

Jill Parker Paul

SPIRE Talent is mentored and managed by long-time Broadcast and Digital Retail experts Mark Lubragge & Jill Parker Paul, who ensure all their talent receive hours of training, rehearsing and preparing, long before the camera turns on. We meet talent at their level, new or experienced, then prepare them to succeed as an elevated spokesperson.

Mark Lubragge

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