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Spire Talent Testimonials

Sabrina Coleman

“Having the support and insight of Jill and Mark has helped me and my Career immensely. Mark and Jill saw potential in me I didn’t know existed. They help me nurture and grow each and every opportunity. The sky’s the limit.“

Joanne Stribling

"Taking Spire's On-Air Host Training left me with the confidence needed to continue to pursue a career in hosting. Mark gave me insight into my own performance as well as industry expectations. Having the one-on-one session was most beneficial because we were to go over every single detail of my reel. Thank you to the team at Spire for granting me a new understanding of what it is to be a Host!"


Michelle Carolla

"The Spire team is a true pleasure to work with. They're extremely well-connected in the shopping TV realm and bring their decades of experience to each step. Coming from the news industry, they've guided me along this new journey with expertise. I'm thrilled to be part of the Spire team!"

Connie Giordano

"As a presenter for HSN and QVC, I’ve learned over the years I’m only as good as my team. Spire Broadcast Talent encompasses both great leadership and talent management.  They will work with you personally to improve your sell and have successful presentations, and also advise and deliver to clients the best representation for their products.  They will go beyond talent management and excel in both brand and talent development! Jill and Mark are a top-notch, hands-on team. I highly recommend working with Spire Broadcast Talent, they will exceed all your expectations! 


Siobhan Smith

"I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive, encouraging, and constructive environment than I've found at SPIRE. They know what the industry requires and how to help you improve in a way that showcases your unique talent. With Mark and Jill’s extensive experience and genuine concern for my development, I know I’m in good hands!"


Lisa Palmer

"Working with Mark and Jill is always a positive collaboration. They offer valuable feedback to help you improve your presentation as an on-air host. They have your best interests in mind when presenting new job opportunities for you to consider. They support you by negotiating salary on your behalf, which creates a stress-free environment for me as the client. Lastly, Mark and Jill are always one step ahead helping you navigate your career to the next level. I am grateful for our partnership."

Jen Cheeseman

"The Spire team brings a wealth of Live TV knowledge and contacts in the business that is unmatched by any other agency. I received specialized one-on-one training that helped develop my on-air skills, and shortly thereafter, was chosen to be on-air for a leading brand at QVC."

Beth Caponigro

"I am so excited to be a part of the Spire on-air team! Mark and Jill are complete professionals at training on-air talent, and they know the business better than anyone. I couldn't ask for a better coach, manager, agent, or overall support system than what I've found in these two. Not only did they connect me with my brand, but they also continue to work with me to make me the best brand ambassador for my product. Hands down, the most qualified talent comes from Spire! Thanks to Mark and Jill!"

Maria Lougheed

“Mark and Jill are true professionals! Thank you both for your coaching. Your expertise and knowledge have no doubt been instrumental in my career!!”

Ashlie Smith

“I tried to break into QVC for years with a modeling agency with little success. I was recommended to Spire from a QVC Vendor. Mark and Jill worked with me for a few short months improving my auditions dramatically and now I have been certified as an On-Air Guest for NFL Gear and Sporting Goods! I was recently on air during an NFL TSV day and the host told my vendor that I made the show. I couldn’t have done it without Mark and Jill.”


Stacy Chermol

"If you’re looking for the absolute best in media representation, your search is over! I started my career in television many years ago and have seen talent agencies come and go. But because of the professionalism and dedication of Mark and Jill, Spire is definitely here to stay! While many of us may think we know the ropes of this business - namely when it comes to being on air - I urge you to let go of any preconceived

notions and let Mark and Jill take the reigns. They know what they’re talking about, and they’ll bring out the absolute best in you! No matter how many clients they have at any given time, you’ll never know it because all of their attention and focus is on you and making you the success you’re meant to be! So happy to be part of the amazing team Mark and Jill have created!"

Judy Goss

"I have been working as a TV host for close to a decade, and when Spire signed me on as talent I wondered how I ever got that far without them! Their out-of-the-box thinking and quick pivoting with my career has propelled me forward in the past year to heights I never imagined, and to accomplish this in just a few months in this industry is unbelievable. I’m looking forward to what’s next because they always have something

brewing in this industry!!"

Stephanie Rose

"I am so grateful to SPIRE Broadcast Talent for helping me accelerate my on-camera career, in ways I was unable to accomplish on my own. Mark and Jill have expertise in this field that is unmatched. Their guidance and connections have been essential in helping me to clinch auditions and book the job! Unlike other agencies, Mark and Jill are hands-on and continue to provide me with extensive training and honest critiques.

Their support has helped me to grow my skills and talent, along with my career.  I have been blown away by the results that I have achieved by working with Mark and Jill! And I so appreciate that they are always available, responsive, and make me feel like their #1 client. Thank you and I can't wait to see how far we go together!" 

Amy Barrickman

I had all of the background and skills in place to do the job- but without the guidance and coaching from Spire, I don’t know that I would’ve been hired. I DO know that I would not have been hired as quickly as I was! Thank you Spire for making it all come together easily and quickly. I’m open to you making adjustments to best suit your needs- please just check in with final copy before posting.


Brenna Carnuccio

Spire has changed my life and the course of my career for the better in every way! They met me with little to no experience in this field, believed in me, and equipped me with skills training and confidence. It is through them I met and began an incredible partnership with my brand. They open doors for opportunities that I could not on my own, and they truly invest hours and care into their talent. They have not only provided me with work, but they have spent personal time with me in the studio and worked with me to improve. They go above and beyond for their clients and talent to achieve the best we can together. On top of that, they are genuine, honest, kind, hardworking, trustworthy, and experienced people. It has been a rare gift. I am so thankful for my team at Spire!

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